One-to-One Consulting

With the magic of video, we are no longer limited to locations or time zones. If you can’t make it to London, book an online session to get the same one-to-one training and social media advice you need to get started. We can achieve the same results as if we were face to face, and you will be working from your own device.

60 minute online session - £50.00



London Brolly Bag

I hired Amber to teach me the basics of Facebook and Instagram for my business, but ended up getting additional marketing advice on launching my new collection. It was a huge help and she made everything easy to understand.

Social Media Confidence

I took Amber's social media class, thinking I would be totally lost. Instead she made it easy and fun. I put my architectural etchings on Pinterest last week and sold two today.  Up till now any sales from my website have only been to contacts I have already made through exhibitions. Thank you --  your course has more than paid for itself!
Allison N
Laptop on Desk Social Media

Learn to do it Yourself

Every time I ask my children to help me with social media, they go so fast or get frustrated with me. Amber is patient and shows me how to manage my social media for my business. Now I don't need to rely on someone else. I can do it!
Janice A
Cosmetics Business